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Browse over 560 Polish Girl Names and Polish Boy Names

Polish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
SylwiaPolishDerived from the Latin Silvia, a fe..
SymeonPolishEcclesiastic Late Latin name derive..
SzczesnyPolishDirect derivative of the Polish szc..
SzymonPolishPolish form of Simon, which is from..
TadeaPolishFeminine form of Tadeusz, the Polis..
TadeuszPolishDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..
TamaryPolishPolish form of Tamara, the Russian ..
TeklaPolishFrom the Greek Thekla, which is a d..
TeodorPolishPolish cognate of Theodore, which i..
TeodoraPolishFrom the Greek Theodora (gift of Go..
TeodozjiPolishPolish form of Theodosia, which is ..
TeofilPolishPolish form of the Greek Theophilos..
TeresaPolishOf uncertain etymology, Teresa is g..
TheofilaPolishFeminine form of Teofilo (beloved o..
TolaPolishA form of the name Antoinette, wh..
TomaszPolishFrom the Ecclesiastic Greek Thomas,..
TomazjaPolishFeminine form of Tomasz, the Polish..
TrudaPolishA short form of Gertruda (spear str..
TymoteuszPolishPolish form of Timothy, which is fr..
UlissesPolishPolish form of the Latin Ulysses, a..
UlrykPolishFrom the German Ulrich (wealthy rul..
UlrykaPolishPolish form of the German Ulrike, a..
UranjaPolishPolish form of the Greek Urania, wh..
UrbanPolishFrom the Latin Urbanus (city dwelle..
UrjaszPolishPolish form of Uriah, which is from..
UrszulaPolishFrom the Latin Ursula, a diminutive..
ValentynPolishPolish form of Valentine, which is ..
ValeskaPolishContraction of the Slavonic Vladisl..
ViktorPolishDerived from the Latin Victor, a di..
VincentyPolishPolish form of Vincent (conquering)..
WaldemarPolishGermanic compound name composed of ..
WalentyaPolishFeminine form of Walenty, the Polis..
WaleriaPolishA form of the name Valerie, which..
WalerianPolishFrom the Latin Valerianus (of Valer..
WalterPolishDerived from the Old Norman French ..

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