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Browse over 560 Polish Girl Names and Polish Boy Names

Polish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
RomanaPolishFeminine form of Roman, which is fr..
RosabellaPolishA borrowing from the Italian, Rosab..
RoscislawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
RoscislawaPolishFeminine form of Roscislaw (glory i..
RozaPolishPolish cognate of Rosa (a rose), wh..
RozaliaPolishFrom the Latin rosalia (an annual c..
RudolfPolishA borrowing from the German, Rudolf..
RufinPolishFrom the Latin family name Rufinus,..
RuthPolishOf uncertain etymology, some believ..
RyszardPolishPolish cognate of Richard (brave ru..
RyszardaPolishFeminine form of Ryszard, the Polis..
SabinaPolishFrom the Latin Sabina (Sabine woman..
SalomeaPolishFrom the Greek Salome, which is fro..
SaraPolishDerived from the Hebrew sarah (prin..
SaturninPolishFrom the Italian Saturnino, which i..
SebastjanPolishDerived from the Greek Sebastianos ..
SerafinPolishDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..
SerefinaPolishDerived from the Hebrew seraphim (b..
SerjiuszPolishFrom the Latin Sergius, an old Roma..
SewerynPolishPolish form of the Italian Severino..
SewerynaPolishFrom the Italian Severina (severe, ..
SibiliaPolishFrom the Latin Sibylla (a prophetes..
SlawekPolishA short form of the names Stanisla..
SlawomierzPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
SobieslawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
SofronjaPolishPolish form of Sophronia, which is ..
StanislawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
StanislawaPolishFeminine form of Stanislaw, a popul..
StasioPolishA form of the name Stanislaus, wh..
StefanPolishFrom the Latin Stephanus, which is ..
StefaniaPolishA borrowing from the Italian, Stefa..
SwietomierzPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
SwietopelkPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
SwietoslawPolishCompound name composed of the Slavo..
SylwesterPolishFrom the Latin Silvester, which is ..

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