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Browse over 535 Greek Girl Names and Greek Boy Names

Greek Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
DiodorosGreekA historian of first century B. C.
DionGreekShort form of Dionysios (of Dionyso..
DionneGreekFeminine form of Dion, a short fo..
DionysiosGreekA name meaning "of Dionysos." Diony..
DominicaGreekFeminine form of Dominic (belongi..
DoraGreekA short form of any of the various ..
DorindaGreekA borrowing from the English, Dorin..
DorisGreekA name meaning "Dorian woman." The ..
DorkasGreekDerived from dorkas (a gazelle). Th..
DorotheaGreekCompound name composed from the Gre..
DrusillaGreekFeminine diminutive form of Drusus,..
EbelinaGreekA form of Evelyn, meaning "pleasa..
EchoGreekDerived from echo (an echo). The na..
EireneGreekDerived from eirene (peace). The na..
ElaineGreekA borrowing from the English, Elain..
EleGreekMeaning "light."
EleftheriaGreekFeminine form of Eleutherios, which..
ElektraGreekA name meaning "the shining one," E..
ElenaGreekA borrowing from the Italian, Elena..
EleutheriosGreekDerived from eleutheria (liberty, f..
EllasGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Eliyahu..
EllenaGreekElaboration of the English Ellen,..
ElmaGreekFeminine form of Elmo, a name der..
ElpidaGreekFeminine form of Elpidios, a name..
ElpidiosGreekDerived from elpis (hope). The name..
EluahGreekAnglicized form of the Hebrew Eliya..
EluceGreekFeminine form of Elias (Jehovah is ..
EmmanouelGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Immanue..
ErasmiosGreekDerived from the verb eran (to love..
EriantheGreekCompound name composed from erdn (t..
EsaiasGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Yeshaya..
EuaggeliaGreekDerives from the Greek eu which mea..
EudoraGreekCompound name composed of the Greek..
EudosiaGreekCompound name composed of the Greek..
EugeniaGreekFeminine form of Eugenios, a name d..

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