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Browse over 535 Greek Girl Names and Greek Boy Names

Greek Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
ClematiaGreekDerived from the Greek klema (a vin..
CleoGreekA short form of Cleopatra (of a fam..
CleopatraGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
CletusGreekA short form of Anacletus (called..
ClioGreekDerived from kleos (glory, fame). T..
ClytieGreekFrom the Greek klyfie (the splendid..
ConstantinosGreekFrom the Latin Constantinus, which ..
CoriGreekA pet form of Cora and Corinne (mai..
CosimaGreekFeminine form of Cosmo, which is ..
CressidaGreekOf unknown origin and meaning. It w..
CymaGreekDerived from the Greek kyma (a wave..
CynaraGreekOf uncertain etymology, some believ..
CypriaGreekBased on the name of the Mediterran..
CyraGreekFeminine form of Cyrus, a cognate o..
CythereaGreekA name from Greek mythology, Cyther..
DamalisGreekPopular name derived from damalis (..
DamarisGreekDerived from daman (tame, gentle): ..
DamaskenosGreekA name meaning "of Damascus," the n..
DamiaGreekDerived from the Greek daman (tamin..
DamianosGreekAncient name believed to be derived..
DaphneGreekDerived from the Greek daphne (a la..
DareiosGreekAncient name of uncertain origin. I..
DariceGreekFeminine form of Darius, an old Lat..
DavidGreekFrom the Hebrew ddvld (beloved). Th..
DeliaGreekFeminine form of Delius (of Delos)...
DelphineGreekInspired by the name of the delphin..
DemetraGreekOne of twelve Olympian gods: the go..
DemetriGreekA short form of Demetrios (of Demet..
DemetriaGreekDerived from Demeter, the name of t..
DemetriosGreekA name meaning "of Demeter." Demete..
DemosGreekDerives from Greek words demos and ..
DeniseGreekA borrowing from the French, Denise..
DenysGreekDerived from Dionysius (of Dionysos..
DianthaGreekDerived from the name of the flower..
DidoGreekBorne in Roman mythology by the leg..

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