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Browse over 535 Greek Girl Names and Greek Boy Names

Greek Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
BaltsarosGreekGreek form of Balthasar, a name of ..
BaptistaGreekA borrowing from the Latin, Baptist..
BarbaraGreekA borrowing from the Latin, Barbara..
BaruchGreekDerived from the Hebrew baruch (ble..
BasilGreekA short form of Basileios (kingly),..
BasilaGreekFeminine form of Basileios (kingly)..
BasileiosGreekDerived from basileus (king). The n..
BasilikeGreekAn architectural order of Byzantine..
BenedictosGreekFrom the Latin Benedictus (blessed)..
BerdineGreekOf Germanic origin, Berdine (bright..
BerenikeGreekEvolution of the older Pherenike (b..
BiktoriaGreekDerives from the Latin word vincere..
CalandraGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
CalanthaGreekCompound name composed from the Gre..
CallaGreekPet form of any of the various name..
CalliGreekPet form of any of the various name..
CandaceGreekDerived from the Latin candidus (wh..
CarolosGreekGreek cognate of Charles, which is ..
CassGreekShort form of any of the various na..
CassiaGreekFrom the Greek kasia (a kind of cin..
CassieGreekPet form of any of the various name..
CaudaGreekLatin form of the Greek Kalidas (mo..
CharalamposGreekDerives from the Greek chara, which..
CharisGreekDerived from the Greek charis (grac..
CharissaGreekElaborated form of Charis (grace, b..
ChlorisGreekDerived from chlaros (pale green). ..
ChrisGreekShort form of any of the various na..
ChristaGreekA short form of Christina (a Christ..
ChristiGreekA short form of Christina (a Christ..
ChristianeGreekFeminine form of Christiano (a Chri..
ChristianoGreekDerived from christianos (a Christi..
ChristinaGreekPopular name derived from christian..
ChristophorosGreekCompound name composed of the Eccle..
ChristosGreekDerived from christos (the anointed..
ClaudiosGreekDerived from the Latin Claudius, an..

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