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Browse over 535 Greek Girl Names and Greek Boy Names

Greek Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
LoukasGreekContracted form of Loukanos (man fr..
LucasGreekEcclesiastic Late Latin name though..
LuciaGreekPopular feminine form of Lucius, a ..
LucianGreekDerived from the Latin Lucianus (of..
LydiaGreekA name meaning "woman from Lydia," ..
LyrisGreekDerived from the Greek lyra (a lyre..
LysandrosGreekCombination name composed from the ..
MadelineGreekA borrowing from the French, Madeli..
MagdaleneGreekEcclesiastic Greek name meaning..
MakarGreekShort form of Makarios (blessed), M..
MakariosGreekDerived from makaros (blessed). The..
MargaritesGreekPopular name derived from margaron ..
MariaGreekLatinate form of Mary, which is der..
MarianneGreekOriginated as an extended spelling ..
MarigoGreekA form of Maria
MarinaGreekDerived from the Latin marinus (of ..
MarinosGreekDerived from the Latin marinus (of ..
MarkosGreekGreek form of the Latin Marcus, a n..
MarthaGreekDerived from the Aramaic rnarthd (l..
MartinosGreekFrom the Latin Martinus (of Mars, w..
MattathiasGreekDerived from the Hebrew Matityah, w..
MatthiasGreekContracted form of Mattathias (gift..
MaurikosGreekDerives from Greek mauros, meaning ..
MaximosGreekFrom the Latin Maximus, which is ..
MelainaGreekDerived from the root melas (black,..
MelanthaGreekCompound name composed of the Greek..
MelinaGreekFeminine form of melinos (quince-ye..
MelissaGreekDerived from the Greek melissa (a h..
MelodieGreekDerived from meladia (melody), whic..
MelpomeneGreekGreek muse of tragedy.
MethodiosGreekA name meaning "fellow traveler," w..
MichalesGreekA form of Michael, which means "W..
MikhailGreekA derivative of the Hebrew mikha'el..
MilosGreekDerived from the name of a Greek is..
MonaGreekDerived from the Greek mono (single..

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