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Browse over 535 Greek Girl Names and Greek Boy Names

Greek Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
RheaGreekDerived from the Greek rhoia (flowi..
RhodeGreekDerived from the Greek rhodon (a ro..
RitsaGreekA borrowing from the Russian, Ritsa..
RomanosGreekDerived from the Latin Romanus (a R..
RoxaneGreekGreek name believed to be deriv..
SalomeGreekEcclesiastic Greek name derived..
SamouelGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Shmuel..
SampsonGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Shimsho..
SanderGreekA short form of Alexander (defender..
SandrosGreekA short form of Alexandras (defende..
SaoulGreekCognate of the Hebrew Shaul, which ..
SapphiraGreekDerived from the Ecclesiastic Greek..
SebastianosGreekA name meaning "a man of Sebastia."..
SeleneGreekDerived from the Greek selene (the ..
SeraphimGreekFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin se..
SergiosGreekFrom the Latin Sergius, an old Roma..
SethGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Shet, a..
SibylGreekDerived from the Greek sibylla (a p..
SilasGreekEcclesiastic Greek name derived..
SilvanosGreekFrom the Latin Silvanus (of the woo..
SimonGreekEcclesiastic Greek name derived..
SocratesGreekPopular name of uncertain derivatio..
SofroniaGreekDerived from the Greek sophia (wisd..
SolomonGreekHebrew name derived from shelan..
SophiaGreekDerived from the Greek sophia (wisd..
SoteresGreekDerives from Greek soter, which mea..
SoteriosGreekPopular name derived from scterios ..
SpiridonGreekA popular name among the Ionian Isl..
StacieGreekA short form of Anastasia (of the r..
StamatenaGreekDerives from Greek stamatao, which ..
StefanaGreekFeminine form of Stephanos, a name ..
StephanosGreekPopular name derived from Stephanos..
SymeonGreekDerived from the Hebrew shim'on (he..
TabithaGreekDerived from the Ecclesiastic Greek..
TatianaGreekA borrowing from the Russian, Tatia..

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