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Browse over 535 Greek Girl Names and Greek Boy Names

Greek Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
KallirroeGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
KallistoGreekA name meaning "she that is most be..
KalogerosGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
KaloniceGreekCompound name composed from the Gre..
KalycaGreekDerived from the Greek kalyx (pod, ..
KassandraGreekBorne in Greek mythology by the dau..
KatherineGreekPopular variant of Aikaterine (pure..
KhloeGreekPopular name derived from the Greek..
KlemenisGreekFrom the Latin Clemens (mild, gentl..
KoreGreekPopular name derived from kore (mai..
KorinnaGreekDiminutive form of Kore (maiden): h..
KosmasGreekDerived from kosmos (universe, orde..
KostantinaGreekA variationis Ntina.
KostantinosGreekThe first Christian emperor, after ..
KynthiaGreekPopular name derived from Kynthios ..
KypriosGreekFrom Cyprus, a Cypriot
KyrillosGreekDerived from kyrillos (lordly), whi..
LalageGreekDerived from the Greek lalage (talk..
LanaGreekOf uncertain derivation, Lana might..
LarissaGreekA borrowing from the Russian, Laris..
LaurentiosGreekFrom the Latin Laurentius (man from..
LeandraGreekFeminine form of Leander (lion man)..
LedaGreekA name of uncertain derivation born..
LeiandrosGreekCompound name composed from the ele..
LeliaGreekContracted variant of Eulalia (well..
LenaGreekA short form of Helena (light) an..
LeoGreekLate Latin name derived from leo (l..
LeontiosGreekDerivative of the Late Latin Leon, ..
LexaGreekShort form of any of the various na..
LexiGreekPet form of any of the various name..
LiaGreekA short form of Evangelia (bringe..
LidaGreekA short form of Alida (nobility),..
LigiaGreekShortened feminine form of the Lati..
LilikaGreekElaboration of Lily, a name taken f..
LoukanosGreekOld name meaning "man from Lucania...

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