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Greek Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AnakletosGreekA name meaning "called forth, invok..
AnakreondasGreekAn ancient lyric poet of the sixth ..
AnastasiaGreekFeminine form of Anastasios (of t..
AnastasiosGreekDerived from anastasis (resurrectio..
AnatoliaGreekFeminine form of Anatolios, a name ..
AnatoliosGreekDerived from anatole (sunrise, dayb..
AnaxagorasGreekThe king of Argos. Also the name of..
AnaximandrosGreekThe name of a philosopher from Mile..
AnaximenesGreekA philosopher from Miletos, 585-528..
AndreasGreekPopular name derived from andreios ..
AndriannaGreekFeminine form of Andreas (manly), t..
AndroklesGreekA Christian slave under Tiberius. A..
AndromacheGreekThe wife of Hector, who fought in t..
AndromedeGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
AndronikosGreekThis name derives from the words an..
AnemoneGreekDirectly derived from anemone (wind..
AnestesGreekThis name literally means "the one ..
AngeleGreekDerived from angelos (messenger). I..
AngelikiGreekDerived from the Latin angelicus (a..
AngeloGreekDerived from angelos (messenger). I..
AngieGreekPet form of any of the various name..
AniketosGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
AnnaGreekDerived from the Hebrew Hannah, whi..
AnnibasGreekA Karchedonian general, 247-183 B. ..
AnsoGreekDerived from Anselmo (divine protec..
AntaiosGreekFrom antaios (an adversary, the one..
AntalkidasGreekA Spartan ruler known for the "Anta..
AntheiaGreekDerived from antheios (flowery). Th..
AnthonyGreekDerived from Antonius, an old Roman..
AntigoneGreekThe heroine of Sophocles' tragedy b..
AntiochosGreekThe name of thirteen kings of Syria..
AntisthenesGreekPhilosopher of ancient Athens, 444-..
AntoniaGreekFeminine form of Anthony, a name de..
AntoniosGreekThe name of a Christian ascetic. Al..
AphroditeGreekClassical name derived from aphros ..

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