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We have 415 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "G" - Showing from 246 to 280.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
GiordanoItalianThe Italian version of Hebrew n..
GiorgiRussianMeaning "farmer."
GiorgioItalianItalian version of the Greek na..
GiorgosGreek"Tiller of the soil."
GiottoItalianA variation upon the German nam..
GiovanniItalianItalian cognate of John (God is gra..
GiraldoItalianItalian cognate of Gerald (spear ru..
GirioelWelshWelsh form of Cyril (lordly). See ..
GirtsLatvianMeaning "forest." The name of Latvi..
GirvinIrishMeaning "small and tough."
GiselbertGermanDerived from the Old High German Gi..
GitanoSpanishMeaning "gypsy." Forms of this name..
GiulianoItalianItalian form of Julian, which is fr..
GiulioItalianCognate of Julius, an old Roman fam..
GiuseppeItalianItalian cognate of Joseph, an Eccle..
GiustinoItalianItalian cognate of Justin, which is..
GiustoItalianFrom the Latin name Justin, meaning..
GivonHebrewA name that signifies "hill" or "he..
GjordScandinavia..Swedish contracted form of the Old ..
GladstoneScottishTransferred use of the surname deri..
GladusWelshWelsh cognate of the Latin Claudius..
GlaisneIrishOld name of uncertain derivation, c..
GlenAmericanDerived from the Gaelic gleann (mou..
GlenEnglishDerived from the Gaelic gleann (mou..
GlendowerWelshMeaning "water valley" Notable peop..
GlennIrishDerived from the Gaelic gleann (mou..
GlennScottishDerived from the Gaelic gleann (mou..
GlynWelshModern name derived from glyn (vall..
GlyndwrWelshTransferred use of the surname orig..
GobindHinduVariant form of Govind (one who fin..
GoddardGermanMeaning "god-hard."
GodfreyEnglishFrom the Old French Godefrei, whi..
GodfreyIrishFrom the Old French Godefrei, which..
GodfreyScottishFrom the Old French Godefrei (peace..
GodfreyGermanA form of Geoffrey.

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