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We have 292 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "F" - Showing from 1 to 35.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
FaChineseLaw, method, way
FaChineseLaw, method, way
FaasScandinavia..Dutch and Flemish form of Fastred (..
FaberGermanA form of Fabian.
FabianGermanFrom the Latin Fabianus (of Fabius)..
FabianItalianFrom the Latin Fabianus (of Fabius)..
FabianPolishDerived from the Latin Fabianus (of..
FabianSpanishFrom the Latin Fabianus (of Fabiu..
FabiaoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Fabio, which ..
FabienFrenchFrom the Late Latin Fabianus, which..
FabioItalianFrom Fabius, an old Roman family na..
FabioPortugueseA variation upon the name Fabian,..
FabriceFrenchFrom Fabricius, an old Roman family..
FabrizioItalianFrom Fabricius, an old Roman family..
FabronFrenchMeaning "little blacksmith" or "app..
FachnanIrishAnglicized form of Fachtna, an old ..
FachtnaIrishOld name of uncertain derivation. F..
FadiMuslim/Arab..Derived from fadi (redeemer, savior..
FadilAfricanDerived from the Arabic fadil (gene..
FadilMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from fad.il (g..
FadlMuslim/Arab..Derived from fad I (generosity, gra..
FahdMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from fadh (pan..
FahimHinduDerived from the Arabic fahim (inte..
FahimMuslim/Arab..Derived from fahim (intelligent, le..
FaingaPolynesianTo wrestle, to contend with
FaipaPolynesianTo prepare the fishhook for fishing..
FairfaxEnglishFrom the Anglo-Saxon meaning "blond..
FakhrMuslim/Arab..Derived from fakhr (glory, pride), ..
Fakhr-Al-..Muslim/Arab..Compound name composed of the eleme..
FakhriMuslim/Arab..Derived from fakhri (meritorious), ..
Fakhruddi..HinduDerived from the Arabic Fakhr-al-Di..
FakihAfricanArabic name meaning "one who recite..
FalakHinduSky, the heavens
FalanHinduPopular name meaning "to be fruitfu..

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