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We have 129 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "Y" - Showing from 1 to 35.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
Ya'akovHebrewMeaning "he has supplanted" or "he ..
Ya'qubMuslim/Arab..Arabic form of Jacob, which is deri..
YaakovHebrewDerived from the Hebrew ya'aqoh (se..
YabeNative Amer..Signifying "male deer." A Potawatom..
YafeuAfricanBold. Fante, Ghana
YafeuGhanaianMeaning "intrepid."
YagoSpanishA form of the name Jacob, meaning..
YaholoNative Amer..Crier, holloer. Creek
YahtoNative Amer..Meaning "blue." From the Dakota or ..
YahyaMuslim/Arab..Arabic form of John, which is deriv..
YakarHebrewPrecious, cherished
YakezNative Amer..The Carrier word for "heaven."
YakimHebrewA short form of Yehoyakim (God will..
YaleGermanA name that signifies "fertile."
YamalHinduA twin, one of a pair
YaminHebrewRight hand
YanaiHebrewAramaic name meaning "he will answe..
YancyAmericanOf American Indian origin, Yancy is..
YangChineseA name that means "sun."
YannFrenchBreton cognate of Jean, which is th..
YanoachHebrewTo rest
YansaNative Amer..Meaning "buffalo." From the Cheroke..
YaoGhanaianMeaning "born on Thursday."
YardenHebrewTo flow down, descend. Jordan is th..
YardleyEnglishSignifies "enclosed meadow."
YaredHebrewTo descend, descendant. The name is..
YarevHebrewHe will quarrel, he will strive
YaronHebrewThis name means "he will sing."
YaroslawUkrainianMeaning "bright glory."
YasahiroJapaneseComposed from elements meaning "tra..
YashHinduFame, glory
YashaskarHinduCompound name composed of the eleme..
YasinMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic letters y a..

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