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We have 167 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "V" - Showing from 1 to 35.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
VachelFrenchMeaning "small cow." Poet Vachel Li..
VaclavCzechMeaning "wreath of glory." Czech Va..
VacysLithuanianA form of the German name Walt..
VadimRussianMeaning to accuse
VadinIndianMeaning "speaker."
VailEnglishMeaning "valley."
ValaPolynesianA loincloth
ValdemarScandinavia..Derivative of an old German nam..
ValdemarSwedishMeaning "famous power. One famous p..
ValentinSlovakCzech form of Valentine, whic..
ValentinFrenchFrom the Latin Valentinus, which is..
ValentinGermanFrom the Latin ValentTnus, which is..
ValentinRussianRussian form of Valentine, which is..
ValentinScandinavia..Derived from the Latin Valentinus..
ValentinSpanishDerived from the Latin ValentTnus, ..
ValentinoItalianFrom the Latin Valentlnus, which is..
ValentynPolishPolish form of Valentine, which is ..
ValereFrenchFrom the Latin Valerius, an old Rom..
ValeriRussianDerived from the Latin Valerius, an..
ValerianRussianFrom the Latin Valerianus (of Valer..
ValerioItalianFrom the Latin Valerius, an old Rom..
ValerioSpanishDerived from the Latin Valerius, an..
ValerioPortugueseA variation upon the name Valery,..
ValeryFrenchOf Germanic origin, Valery is from ..
ValiScandinavia..Ancient name of uncertain meaning. ..
ValinIndianMeaning "mighty warrior," this name..
ValjaRussianPet form of the various names conta..
VallisFrenchSignifying "from Wales, England."
ValmikiHinduDerived from the Sanskrit valmika (..
ValterSwedishA form of Walter, which means "ar..
ValuPolynesianEight. Valu is also the name of a t..
VanAmericanDerived from the English surname Va..
VanSoutheast A..Appearance, looks. Vietnam,
VanceAmericanTransferred use of the surname mean..
VanceEnglishMeaning "thresher." Vance Packard w..

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