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We have 73 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "U" - Showing from 1 to 35.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
UaineIrishSee Owen.
UaithneIrishOld name derived from uaithne (gree..
UaltarIrishGaelic form of Walter (ruler of an ..
UataPolynesianTongan form of Walter (ruler of an ..
UbertoItalianItalian cognate of Hubert, a deriva..
UchechiAfricanThe will of Chi, God's will. Ibo, N..
UclieNigerianMeaning "thoughtful."
UdayHinduTo rise, to make an appearance
UdayanHinduRising, making an appearance
UgoItalianItalian form of the Germanic Hugo, ..
UilleamScottishGaelic form of William (resolute pr..
UilleogIrishDiminutive form of Uilliam, the Iri..
UilliamIrishCommon Irish form of William (resol..
UinseannIrishGaelic form of Vincent (conquering)..
UisteanIrishIrish diminutive form of Hugh (hear..
UlanAfricanMeaning "the first-born twin."
UlbrechtGermanAn alternate form of Albert, meanin..
UldisLatvianA name that means "kind" or "dear."..
UlekiHawaiianHawaiian form of Ulysses, a Latin f..
UlfGermanA borrowing from the Scandinavians,..
UlfScandinavia..Derived from the popular Old Norse ..
UlfredGermanMeaning "peaceful wolf."
UlgerGermanMeaning "warring wolf."
UlickIrishAnglicized form of Uilleac and Uill..
UlisseItalianItalian form of the Latin Ulysses, ..
UlissesPolishPolish form of the Latin Ulysses, a..
UllScandinavia..Thought to be derived from the Goth..
UllockGermanMeaning "sporting wolf."
UlmoGermanA name that signifies "from Ulm, Ge..
UlricEnglishMiddle English evolution of the Old..
UlrichFrenchA horrowing from the German, Ulrich..
UlrichGermanMeaning "wolf power." Among renowne..
UlrikScandinavia..Derived from the old Germanic name ..

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