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We have 415 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "G" - Showing from 106 to 140.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
GearardIrishGaelic form of Gerard (brave with a..
GearoidIrishGaelic form of Garrett (spear rule;..
GedaliahBiblicalHebrew name meaning "made great..
GedaliahHebrewGod is great, made great by Jehovah..
GedeminasLithuanianGedemi-nas was an ancient Lithuania..
GedeonSpanishSpanish form of Gideon, a Hebre..
GedeonBulgarianMeaning "tree cutter."
GedeonFrenchA form of Gideon, "brave warrior"..
GefaniahHebrewThe Lord's vineyard
GeirrodMythology a..Old name believed to be derived fro..
Gelelemen..Native Amer..The leader. Delaware
GellertHungarianHungarian form of Gerard, a name de..
GeminiMythology a..Latin name meaning "twins." It is t..
GeminoSpanishDerived from the Latin gemini (twin..
GenaroSpanishDerived from the Latin Januarius (t..
GeneEnglishOriginally a short form of Eugene..
GeneScottishShort form of Eugene (well-born, no..
GenekPolishA form of the name Gene, short fo..
GennadiRussianDerived from Januarius, the Latin n..
GennaroItalianDerived from Januarius, the Latin n..
GenosMythology a..From Phoenician mythology, Genos an..
GeoffAmericanA short form of Geoffrey, Geoff i..
GeoffreyAmericanDerived from the Middle English Gef..
GeoffreyEnglishDerived from the Middle English Ge..
GeoffreyIrishA borrowing from the English, the n..
GeoffreyWelshA borrowing from the English, Geoff..
GeoffroiFrenchA name thought to have evolved from..
GeorgGermanGerman cognate of George (earthwork..
GeorgNorwegianA form of George, from the Greek ..
GeorgeEnglishFrom the French Georges, a co..
GeorgeIrishA borrowing from the English in the..
GeorgeScandinavia..Derived from the Greek Georgios (ea..
GeorgeScottishFrom the French Georges, the root o..
GeorgeWelshA borrowing from the English, Georg..
GeorgesFrenchFrom the Greek Georgios, a derivati..

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