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We have 415 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "G" - Showing from 36 to 70.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
GalvinIrishMeaning "sparrow."
GambaAfricanWarrior. Shona, Zimbabwe
Gamli'elHebrewMeaning "God is my rescue." The nam..
GamlielHebrewGod is my reward
GaneodiyoNative Amer..Derived from the Iroquoian ganio'da..
GanesaIndian"Fortunate." The Hindu god of wisdo..
GaneshHinduCompounding of the Sanskrit element..
GannonIrishTransferred use of the surname mean..
Ganun'dal..Native Amer..Cherokee name derived from gahna ta..
GanyaSouth Afric..A name that means "clever."
GaoChineseMeaning "high; tall." The pictograp..
GaraiAfricanTo be settled, established. Shona, ..
Garakonth..Native Amer..Iroquois name derived from gara kon..
GarbhanIrishDiminutive form of garbh (rough): h..
GarciaSpanishTransferred use of the common Spani..
GarekPolishA form of the English name Edg..
GarethEnglishOf uncertain origin and meaning, Ga..
GarethWelshCeltic name of uncertain meaning. B..
GarfieldEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
GarjanaHinduA shout, a loud cry
GarlandFrenchMeaning "wreath."
GarmanEnglishMeaning "spearman."
GarnerFrenchSignifies "army guard" or "sentry."
GarnockWelshThis name means "dweller by the ald..
GarretEnglishTransferred use of the surname that..
GarrettAmericanTransferred use of the surname that..
GarrettIrishTransferred use of the surname, whi..
GarrettEnglishMeaning "gentle."
GarrickGermanDerived from the Germanic element g..
GarrickEnglishMeaning "spear command."
GarrisonAmericanTransferred use of the surname orig..
GarrisonEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
GarrisonFrenchMeaning "protection" or "stronghold..
GarthAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..

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