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We have 498 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "B" - Showing from 36 to 70.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
BaldomeroSpanishSpanish form of the Germanic Walde..
BaldricGermanMeaning "brave ruler."
BaldwinFrenchFrom the Middle High German Baldewi..
BaldwinGermanDerived from the Middle High German..
BalintHungarianHungarian name meaning "strong and ..
BallardGermanMeaning "brave" or "strong."
BalogunNigerianTranslated as "a general." Balogun ..
BalondemuUgandanA name signifying "the chosen one."..
BalrajHinduCompound name composed of the Sansk..
BaltasarSpanishSpanish cognate of Balthasar, a nam..
BaltsarosGreekGreek form of Balthasar, a name of ..
BaluHinduDerived from the Sanskrit bala (chi..
BananIrishDerived from the Irish ban (white),
BanbhanIrishDiminutive form of banbh (piglet): ..
BancroftEnglishMeaning "field of beans."
BandeleNigerianA name that signifies "born away fr..
BanjokoNigerianMeaning "stay with me and wander no..
BankoleNigerianMeaning "help build our house."
BannerAmericanDerived from banner (a flag, a stan..
BannockAmericanTransferred use of the surname, whi..
Baothghal..IrishCompound name composed of the Gaeli..
BaptistaPortugueseEcclesiastic Late Latin name derive..
BaptistaSpanishEcclesiastic Late Latin name derive..
BaptisteFrenchFrom the Old French baptiste, which..
BarakBiblicalLightning. Barak was the son of Abi..
BarakHebrewLightning, a flash of light. The na..
BarasaKenyanA name that means "the meeting site..
BarclayEnglishTransferred use of the Scottish sur..
BarclayIrishTransferred use of the Scottish sur..
BarclayScottishTransferred use of the surname foun..
BardolfGermanMeaning "ax wolf."
BarendScandinavia..Transferred use of the Germanic sur..
BarkerEnglishMeaning "lumberjack" or "carnival h..
BarlowEnglishMeaning "bare hillside."
BarnaHungarianHungarian form of Barnabas, a nam..

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