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We have 534 Baby Names beginning with the letter "P" - Showing from 281 to 315.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
PeterScottishFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Pe..
PeterWelshFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Pe..
PetrSlovakCzech cognate of Peter, which is de..
PetrBulgarianMeaning "rock."
PetraEnglishFeminine form of Peter, from the La..
PetraGermanA borrowing from the Greek, Petra i..
PetraGreekFeminine form of Petros, a name der..
PetrasLithuanianA form of Peter, which means "roc..
PetrinaGreekFeminine form of Petros, the Greek ..
PetrineScandinavia..Feminine form of Pet, a short form ..
PetroUkrainianMeaning "rock."
PetronelaPolishFrom the Latin Petronilla, a femini..
Petronilh..PortugueseFrom the Latin Petronilla, a femini..
Petronill..Scandinavia..A borrowing from the Latin, Petroni..
Petronill..SpanishFeminine form of Petronilo, which i..
PetrosGreekDirect derivative of petros (a ston..
PetterNorwegianA form of Peter, meaning "a rock...
PetuelHebrewAramaic name meaning "vision of God..
PetulaEnglishModern English coinage of uncertain..
PetuniaAmericanA name signifying the flower.
PeverellFrenchMeaning "piper."
PewlinWelshWelsh form of the Latin Paullnus, a..
PeytonEnglishAn alternate form of Patton and Pay..
PeziNative Amer..Grass. Sioux
PhaidonGreekA son of the god Zeus. He tried to ..
PhaidraGreekFrom Greek mythology, Phaidra was t..
PhaidraMythology a..Greek name said to mean "bright..
PhailinThaiMeaning "sapphire." Phailin is the ..
PheakkleySoutheast A..Faithfulness, loyalty. Cambodia,
PhelanIrishMeaning "wolf." Generally a surname..
PhilEnglishShort form of any of the various na..
PhilanaGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
PhilanthaGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..
PhilbertEnglishAn alternate form of Filbert
PhilemonBiblicalDerived from the Greek philemon (af..

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