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We have 534 Baby Names beginning with the letter "P" - Showing from 421 to 455.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
Pocahonta..Native Amer..Derived from the Algonquian po-cahd..
PocanoNative Amer..Coming of the spirits. Pueblo
Podaladal..Native Amer..Snake head. Kiowa
Pohd-LohkNative Amer..Old wolf. Kiowa
PolIrishGaelic form of Paul (small). See P..
PolHungarianA form of the name Paul, which me..
PoleteHawaiianHawaiianized form of Paulette, a ..
PoliPolynesianTongan form of Polly, a pet form of..
PolinaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Pauline, a f..
PolinaRussianFeminine form of Paul, which is f..
PollardGerman"Close-cropped head."
PollyEnglishVariant of Molly, which is a pet fo..
PollyIrishA pet form of Mary, Polly is also b..
PollyamIndianMeaning "goddess of the plague." Th..
PollyannaEnglishA combination of Polly and Anna.
PoloikaHawaiianHawaiian form of Floyd, a variant..
PolomaNative Amer..Meaning "bow." From the Choctaw.
PolynicesMythology a..Borne in Greek legend by a son of O..
PolyxenaMythology a..Compound name composed from the Gre..
Pomaika'iHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian pamaika'i..
PomeroyFrenchMeaning "apple orchard."
PonceSpanishFrom the Latin Pontius, meaning "fi..
PoniAfricanMeaning "the second daughter."
PonipakeHawaiianHawaiian form of Boniface (auspic..
PonolaNative Amer..Meaning "cotton." From the Choctaw...
PontusMythology a..From Greek mythology, Pontus was an..
PorfirioSpanishMeaning "purple stone." Porfirio Di..
PoriaHebrewMeaning "fruitful."
PorscheGermanA form of Portia
PortiaEnglishFrom the Latin Porcia, a feminine f..
PosalaNative Amer..Farewell to spring flower. Miwok
PoshitaIndianMeaning "cherished" in Sanskrit.
PosoaPolynesianA night of flirting at the fence
PowaNative Amer..An Algonquian name that means "weal..
PowaqaNative Amer..Meaning "witch." From the Hopi.

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