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We have 244 Girl Baby Names beginning with the letter "P" - Showing from 1 to 35.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
PaavanaHinduClean, pure, unsullied
PaavaniHinduBorrowed from the name of the Gange..
PacienciaSpanishDirectly derived from paciencia (pa..
PacificaAmericanA borrowing from the Spanish, Pacif..
PacificaSpanishDerived from the Latin Pacificus (p..
PadmaHinduDerived from the Sanskrit padma (lo..
PadmaIndianMeaning "lotus."
Padmasund..HinduCompound name composed of the eleme..
PadmavatiHinduDerived from the Sanskrit padma (lo..
PadraiginIrishGaelic form of Patricia (a patricia..
PaigeAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..
PailiIrishIrish form of Polly, a pet form of ..
PakaAfricanMeaning "kitten." A name given to a..
PakunaNative Amer..Meaning "deer bounding while runnin..
PakwaNative Amer..The Hopi word for "frog."
PalaNative Amer..Water. Luiseno
PallasGreekA name borne in Greek mythology as ..
PallasMythology a..Derived from the Greek pallas (maid..
PalomaSpanishDerived from the Spanish paloma (do..
PamelaEnglishCoined by the English poet and stat..
PamuyaNative Amer..Meaning "water moon". From the Hopi..
PanaNative Amer..Partridge. Cahokia
PanchaSpanishMeaning "free." A feminine form of ..
PanditaIndianMeaning "scholar." Educated parents..
PandoraGreekCompound name composed from the Gre..
PangiotaGreekCompound name composed from the ele..
PanolaNative Amer..Cotton. Choctaw,
PantheaGreekCompound name composed of the Greek..
PanyaAfricanMouse. Bestowed in reference to a t..
PanyinAfricanAkeradini name meaning "first born ..
PanyinGhanaianMeaning "the elder of twins."
PaolaItalianFeminine form of Paolo, the Itali..
PaolaSpanishFeminine form of Paulo (small). S..
PapinaNative Amer..A vine growing on an oak tree. Miwo..

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