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We have 534 Baby Names beginning with the letter "P" - Showing from 351 to 385.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
PhuocSoutheast A..Good. Vietnam,
PhyllisEnglishA borrowing from the Greek, Phyllis..
PhyllisGreekPopular name derived from the Greek..
PiaItalianA short form of Olimpia (of Olympus..
PiaPolishA short form of Olimpia (of Olympos..
PiaPortugueseA short form of Olimpia (of Olympus..
PiaScandinavia..Common Scandinavian name derive..
PialaIrishMeaning "prudence."
PiaoChineseHandsome, good-looking, pretty
PiarasIrishGaelic cognate of Piers, the Old Fr..
PichSoutheast A..Diamond. Cambodia,
PiedadSpanishDerived from the Spanish piedad (pi..
PierFrenchA form of the Greek name Petra..
PierceAmericanA derivative of Piers, an Old Fre..
PierceEnglishDerivative of Piers, an Old Frenc..
PierceIrishA borrowing from the English, Pierc..
PierreFrenchFrench cognate of Peter, which is f..
Pierre-Lu..FrenchA combination of Pierre and Luc..
PierretteFrenchFeminine diminutive form of Pierre..
PiersEnglishBrought to England by the Normans, ..
PiersIrishIntroduced to Ireland by the Anglo-..
PietroItalianItalian cognate of Peter, which is ..
PijRussianRussian cognate of the Latin Pius, ..
PikakeHawaiianMeaning "jasmine."
PilaHawaiianHawaiian form of Bill, a short fo..
PilarSpanishDerived from the Spanish pilar (pil..
PiliAfricanSecond-born. Swahili, E. Africa
PilibIrishGaelic form of Philip (lover of hor..
PilikiHawaiianHawaiianized form of the Greek Phyl..
PilipaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Philippa, a ..
PilipoHawaiianHawaiianized form of Phillip (lov..
PinSoutheast A..Loyal, faithful. Vietnam
PinchasHebrewHebrew name meaning "the mouth ..
PinekiHawaiianDerived from pineki, the Hawaiian w..

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