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We have 534 Baby Names beginning with the letter "P" - Showing from 386 to 420.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
PingChineseMeaning "peace and safety."
Ping-Jarj..Native Amer..Derived from the Apache ping (deer)..
PingaIndianMeaning "bronze" or "dark." Another..
PinkhasHebrewThe name of a zealous priest in the..
PinoItalianThis name is related to the Hebre..
PinquanaNative Amer..Sweet-smelling. Shoshoni
PioItalianDerived from pio (pious, devout, ob..
PiotrPolishPolish cognate of Peter, which is d..
PiotrRussianRussian cognate of Peter, a name de..
PiotrBulgarianAmong notable people with this name..
PiperAmericanTransferred use of the surname of E..
PiperEnglish"Pipe player." Actress Piper Laurie..
PippaEnglishA short form of Phillipa. A well-..
PippinGermanThis name has the meaning "father."..
PiranIrishMeaning "prayer." He is the patron ..
PireneMythology a..Borne in Greek mythology by a daugh..
PiroskaHungarianHungarian form of the Latin Priscil..
PirouzPersianMeaning "victory" or "prosperous." ..
PirroSpanishMeaning "flaming hair."
PistaHungarianA pet form of Istvan, the Hungarian..
PitaPolynesianTongan form of Peter (a rock). See ..
PitaAfricanMeaning "the fourth daughter."
Pitalesha..Native Amer..Meaning "chief of men." From the Pa..
PitneyEnglish"Island of the strong-willed man."
PittEnglishMeaning "pit" or "ditch."
PiusPolishA borrowing from the Latin, Pius is..
PiziNative Amer..Man who goes in the middle. Sioux
PlaGreekShort form of Olympia (of Olympus),..
PlacidoItalianDerived from the Late Latin Placidu..
PlacidoSpanishDerived from the Latin placidus (pl..
PlacydPolishPolish form of Placido, which is fr..
PlattFrenchSignifying "flat land."
PleasanceFrenchMeaning "pleasant."
PlppaEnglishOriginally a pet form of Philippa (..
Po-Na-Kah..Native Amer..Falling leaf. Delaware. Fall Leaf, ..

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