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Browse over 506 Italian Girl Names and Italian Boy Names

Italian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
GoffredoItalianFrom the Old French Godefrei, which..
GraziaItalianDerived from the Italian grazia (gr..
GrazianoItalianDerived from the Latin Gratianus, w..
GraziellaItalianDiminutive form of Grazia (grace, f..
GregorioItalianFrom the Late Latin Gregorius, a co..
GualtieroItalianItalian form of Walter, which is fr..
GuglielmoItalianItalian cognate of William, which i..
GuidoItalianDerived from guida (guide, a leader..
GulielmaItalianFeminine form of Guglielmo, the I..
GustavoItalianFrom the Latin Gustavus, which is f..
IgnazioItalianFrom the Latin Ignatius, which is d..
IlarioItalianDerived from the Latin Hilarius, wh..
ImeldaItalianDerived from the Germanic Irmenhild..
ImmacolataItalianDerived from the Latin immaculatus ..
InnocenzioItalianItalian cognate of Innocent, a name..
InnocenzoItalianMeaning "innocent." This name was u..
IppolitoItalianItalian form of the Greek Hippolyto..
IreneItalianDerived from the Greek Eirene, whic..
IsabellaItalianA borrowing from the Spanish, Isabe..
JolandaItalianItalian form of the French Yolande ..
JuliaItalianFeminine form of the Latin Julius..
JulianaItalianA popular name, Juliana is the Lati..
JulietItalianA borrowing from the English, Julie..
LauraItalianDerived from the Latin laurus (laur..
LaurenzaItalianFeminine form of Lorenzo, the Ita..
LaurettaItalianDiminutive form of Laura (laurel). ..
LazzaroItalianFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin La..
LeoItalianLate Latin name derived from leo (l..
LeonItalianLate Latin name derived from leo (l..
LeonardoItalianFrom the Old High German Lewenhart,..
LeonoraItalianA short form of Eleonora (light, to..
LetiziaItalianItalian form of Letitia, which is d..
LiaItalianA short form of Evangelia (bringer ..
LinaItalianOriginally a short form of Evangeli..
LorenzoItalianItalian cognate of Laurence, which ..

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