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Browse over 506 Italian Girl Names and Italian Boy Names

Italian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
ConcettaItalianA name used in honor of the Virgin ..
ConsiliaItalianDerived from the Latin Consilium (c..
ConsolataItalianDerived from the Latin consolatio (..
ConstantinaItalianFeminine form of Constantine, from ..
CorneliaItalianFeminine form of the Latin Corneliu..
CorradoItalianItalian form of Conrad, the English..
CosimaItalianFeminine form of Cosmo, an Italia..
CosmoItalianItalian cognate of the Greek Kosmas..
CostanzaItalianMeaning "faithful." The wife of Wol..
CristinaItalianDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..
CristoforoItalianFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Ch..
DanielaItalianFeminine form of Daniele, which i..
DanieleItalianFrom the Hebrew dani'el (God is my ..
DanteItalianA contracted form of Durante (endur..
DariaItalianFeminine form of Darius, an old L..
DarioItalianFrom the Latin Darius, an old name ..
DelfinaItalianFrom the Latin Delphlna (woman from..
DianaItalianDerived from the Latin Diviana, whi..
DominicaItalianFeminine form of Dominic, a deriv..
DominicoItalianFrom the Latin Dominicus (belonging..
DomitillaItalianDiminutive form of Domitius, an old..
DonataItalianFeminine form of Donato (given by..
DonatellaItalianFeminine form of Donatello, which..
DonatoItalianFrom the Late Latin Donatus (given ..
DoroteaItalianItalian cognate of the Greek Doroth..
DrusillaItalianDerived from Drusus, an old family ..
EdmondoItalianItalian cognate of Edmund, which is..
EdoardoItalianThe Italian version of the Englis..
EduardoItalianItalian cognate of Edward (wealthy ..
EdvigeItalianItalian cognate of the German Hedwi..
EfisioItalianFrom the Latin Ephesius (an Ephesia..
EigidioItalianFrom the Greek Aegidius (shield-bea..
EldaItalianModern Italian name of uncertai..
ElenaItalianItalian cognate of the Greek Helene..
EleonoraItalianDerived from Alienor, a Provencal f..

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