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Browse over 506 Italian Girl Names and Italian Boy Names

Italian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
SilviaItalianDerived from the Latin silva (a woo..
SilvioItalianFrom the Latin silva (a forest, a w..
SimonItalianEcclesiastic Late Latin and Greek f..
SimonaItalianFeminine form of Simon (heard). S..
SophiaItalianA borrowing from the Greek, Sophia ..
SperanzaItalianDerived from the Italian speranza (..
StefaniaItalianItalian form of the Latin Stephania..
StefanoItalianFrom the Latin Stephanus, which is ..
SusanaItalianDerived from the Hebrew Shoshana, w..
SuzettaItalianDiminutive form of Susana (a lily, ..
TaddeoItalianItalian cognate of Thaddeus, an Ecc..
TamarItalianA borrowing from the Hebrew Tamar (..
TamasoItalianRelated to the Hebrew name Thom..
TancredoItalianFrom the Germanic Tancred, a compou..
TatianaItalianA borrowing from the Russian, Tatia..
TazioItalianName of the ancient Sabine king Tit..
TeodoraItalianFrom the Greek Theodora (gift of Go..
TeodoroItalianItalian version of the Greek na..
TeodosioItalianFrom the Latin Theodosius, which is..
TeofiloItalianFrom the Latin Theophilus, which is..
TessItalianA pet form of Therese, Tess is also..
TheklaItalianA borrowing from the Greek, Thekla ..
ThereseItalianOf uncertain etymology, Therese is ..
TiberiaItalianFeminine form of Tiberio (of the ..
TiberioItalianMeaning "of the Tiber," Tiberio is ..
TildaItalianA short form of Matilda (brave in b..
TitoItalianDerived from the Greek Titos, which..
TitusItalianThe Latin form of Tito, a name of u..
TobiaItalianFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin To..
TomassoItalianFrom the Ecclesiastic Greek Thomas,..
TullioItalianMeaning "vivacious." Name of one of..
UbertoItalianItalian cognate of Hubert, a deriva..
UgoItalianItalian form of the Germanic Hugo, ..
UlisseItalianItalian form of the Latin Ulysses, ..
UllaItalianA borrowing from the Scandinavians,..

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