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Browse over 506 Italian Girl Names and Italian Boy Names

Italian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
BaptisteItalianDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..
BarbaraItalianDerived from the Latin barbarus (fo..
BartolomeoItalianFrom the Late Latin Bartholomaeus, ..
BasilioItalianFrom the Latin Basilius and the Gre..
BattistaItalianDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..
BeataItalianFeminine form of the Late Latin Bea..
BeatriceItalianFrom the Latin beatrix (she who mak..
BellaItalianA short form of Isabella (God is my..
BenedettaItalianDerived from the Latin benedictus (..
BenedettoItalianItalian form of Benedict, which is ..
BenedictItalianDerived from the Latin Benedictus, ..
BenignaItalianDerived from the Latin benignus (go..
BenignoItalianFrom the Late Latin Benignus (good,..
BenjaminoItalianItalian cognate of Benjamin, which ..
BenvenutoItalianCompound name composed of the eleme..
BernardoItalianFrom the Old High German Berinhard ..
BertaItalianItalian form of the German Bertha (..
BiagioItalianItalian form of the Latin Blasius (..
BiancaItalianDerived from the Italian bianca (wh..
BiondaItalianDerived from Honda (black)
BonaItalianDirectly derived from the Latin bon..
BonaventuraItalianCompound name composed of the eleme..
BonifacioItalianDerived from the Late Latin Bonifat..
BrigidaItalianItalian cognate of the Irish Brighi..
BrizioItalianItalian cognate of the French Brice..
BrunaItalianFeminine form of Bruno (brown). S..
BrunellaItalianElaboration of Bruna, which is a fe..
BrunoItalianA borrowing from the Germans, Bruno..
CalidaItalianDerived from the Greek Kalidas (mos..
CallifaeItalianA borrowing from the name of the to..
CalligeniaItalianFrom the Greek Kaligenia (beautiful..
CallirrhoeItalianDerived from the Greek Kallirroe (b..
CallistoItalianDerived from the Greek Kallisto (sh..
CalogeroItalianDerived from the Latin Calogerus, w..
CamillaItalianDerived from the Latin Camilla (vir..

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