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Browse over 506 Italian Girl Names and Italian Boy Names

Italian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
MauraItalianFeminine form of the Latin Maurus (..
MaurizioItalianItalian cognate of Maurice, which i..
MelaniaItalianDerived from the Greek Melaina, whi..
MercedeItalianDerived from the Italian mercede (r..
MiaItalianMeaning "mine." A familiar form of ..
MichaelaItalianFeminine form of Michael, which i..
MichelangeloItalianCombination name composed of the na..
MicheleItalianDerivative of the Hebrew mikhd'el (..
NaldoItalianShort form of any of the various na..
NazarioItalianDerived from the Late Latin Nazariu..
NestoreItalianFrom the Greek Nestor, which is fro..
NiccolaItalianFeminine form of Niccolo (victory..
NiccoloItalianItalian form of the Latin Nicolaus ..
NiciaItalianFeminine form of Niccolo, the Ita..
NicoItalianShort form of any of the various na..
NicodemoItalianDerived from the Greek Nikodemos, a..
NicolaItalianThe Italian version of the Greek..
NicomedoItalianFrom the Greek Nikomedes, a compoun..
NicostratoItalianFrom the Greek Nikostratos, a compo..
NoraItalianA short form of Eleonora (light, to..
NunziaItalianDerived from the Italian nunzio (me..
NunzioItalianDerived from the Italian nunzio (me..
OlimpiaItalianDerived from the Greek Olympia, whi..
OrazioItalianItalian form of Horace, which is fr..
OrianaItalianOf uncertain derivation and meaning..
OrlandoItalianItalian cognate of Roland, which is..
OrtensiaItalianDerived from the Latin Hortensia, a..
OttaviaItalianFeminine form of Octavius, which is..
OttavioItalianFrom the Latin Octavius, which is d..
PaolaItalianFeminine form of Paolo, the Itali..
PaoloItalianItalian cognate of Paul, which is f..
PasqualeItalianFrom the Late Latin Paschalis (of E..
PatriziaItalianFeminine form of Patrizio, which ..
PatrizioItalianFrom the Latin Patricius, which is ..
PaulinaItalianLatin name which is the feminine fo..

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