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Browse over 506 Italian Girl Names and Italian Boy Names

Italian Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
FeliciaItalianFeminine form of Felix, which is ..
FelicitaItalianFrom the Late Latin Felicitas, whic..
FiammettaItalianDerived from fiamma (flame, fire) a..
FideliaItalianDerived from the Latin fidelis (fai..
FilibertoItalianFrom the Germanic Filibert (very fa..
FilippoItalianFrom the Latin Philippus, a derivat..
FilomenaItalianDerived from the Greek Philomena, a..
FiorellaItalianDerived from fierce (flower)
FiorelloItalianTranslated literally, means "little..
FiorenzoItalianItalian form of Florence, which is ..
FlaviaItalianFrom the old Roman family name Flav..
FlavioItalianFrom the Latin Flavius, which origi..
FlorentinaItalianLatinate feminine form of Florentl..
FlorenzaItalianItalian cognate of Florence, which ..
FortunaItalianDerived from the Latin fortuna (cha..
FortunataItalianFeminine form of the Late Latin For..
FortunatoItalianFrom the Late Latin Fortunatus, a d..
FrancaItalianFeminine form of Franco (a Frank,..
FrancescaItalianFeminine form of Francesco, the I..
FrancescoItalianFrom the Middle Latin Franciscus (a..
FrancoItalianFrom the Old French Franc and the G..
FraricescaItalianA form of the name Frances, meani..
FredericaItalianFeminine form of Federico, the It..
FulviaItalianFrom the old Roman family name Fulv..
GabrielaItalianFeminine form of Gabriele, which ..
GabrieleItalianFrom the Hebrew Gavriel, which is d..
GaetaneItalianFeminine form of Gaetano (of Gaet..
GaetanoItalianDerived from the name of the city o..
GaspareItalianOne of the names assigned to the bi..
GavinoItalianBelieved to be derived from the Lat..
GelsominaItalianInspired by the plant gelsemium, th..
GemmaItalianDerived from the Latin gemma (a swe..
GenevraItalianDerived from the Old French genevra..
GennaroItalianDerived from Januarius, the Latin n..
GeorgioItalianFrom the Greek Georgios, a derivati..

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