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We have 398 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "H" - Showing from 316 to 350.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
HoracioPortugueseDerived from the Latin Horatius, an..
HoratioSpanishDerived from the Latin Horatius, an..
HorazGermanGerman cognate of Horace, which is ..
HorstGermanMeaning "dense grove" or "thicket."..
HortonEnglishMeaning "garden estate." Reverend H..
HosaNative Amer..Young crow. Arapaho
HoseaBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew hashed' (sa..
HoshamaHebrewHeard of God, whom Jehovah hears
HosheaBiblicalVariant form of Joshua (deliverance..
HosheiaHebrewDerived from the Hebrew hoshea' (sa..
HoslieyaHebrewSignifying "salvation." The name of..
HosyuJapaneseDerived from hosyu (conservativenes..
HotahNative Amer..Meaning "gray" or "brown." Dakota o..
HotaiaPolynesianThat is mine
Hothlepoy..Native Amer..Crazy war hunter. Creek
HototoNative Amer..Meaning "whistler." Source unknown...
HoughtonEnglishA name meaning "settlement on the h..
HowardEnglishTransferred use of the surname, whi..
HoweGermanA name that means "high." One popul..
HowellWelshAnglicized form of Hywel (eminent, ..
HowiNative Amer.."Turtle dove." Miwok or Moquelumnan..
HowlNative Amer..Turtledove. Miwok
Hoyouwerl..Native Amer..Good necklace. Nez Perce
HoytIrishMeaning "mind" or "spirit."
HoyteAmericanTransferred use of the surname of S..
HuakavaPolynesianA kava drink. Kava is made from the..
Huan'toaNative Amer..War lance. Kiowa
HuangChineseEmperor; rich
Huang-FuChineseRich future
HubbardGermanAn alternate form of Hubert.
HubertEnglishDerived from the Germanic Huguberht..
HubertFrenchDerived from the Old High German Hu..
HubertGermanDerived from the Old High German Hu..
HubertPolishDerived from the Old High German Hu..
HubertScandinavia..From the Old High German Huguberht ..

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