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We have 397 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "E" - Showing from 211 to 245.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
EmilHungarianFrom the Latin Aemilius, an old Rom..
EmilPolishDerived from the Latin Aemilius, an..
EmilRumanianA borrowing from the German, Emil i..
EmilScandinavia..Germanic name commonly used through..
EmileFrenchFrom the Latin Aemilius, an old Rom..
EmilianoItalianA form of the German Emil, meanin..
EmilienFrenchDerived from the Latin Aemilianus, ..
EmilioItalianDerived from the Latin Aemilius, an..
EmilioSpanishDerived from the Latin Aemilius, an..
EmilleFrenchA form of Emil, which means "indu..
EmlynWelshCommon Welsh name of uncertain ..
EmmanouelGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Immanue..
EmmanuelFrenchFrom the Greek Emmanouel, which is ..
EmmetEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
EmmetIrishTransferred use of the surname, whi..
EmmettGermanThis name signifies "industrious" o..
EmosiPolynesianTongan form of Amos (born). See AM..
EmrickGermanAn alternate form of Emery
EmrysWelshWelsh form of Ambrose, an Old Fre..
EmyrWelshDerived from emyr (ruler, king)
EnamAfricanGod's gift. Ewe, Ghana
EnapayNative Amer..Goes forth bravely. Sioux
EndreHungarianMeaning "love" or "manly."
EngelbertGermanMeaning "bright as an angel." One p..
EnlaiChineseAppreciating, being appreciative of..
Enobakbar..NigerianMeaning "the king's word."
EnochBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew hanokh (ded..
EnokaHawaiianHawaiian form of Enoch, an Anglic..
EnokidNative Amer..Meaning "one who is working" or "on..
EnosaHawaiianHawaiian form of the Hebrew Enosh (..
EnoshHebrewMan. Enosh was the name of a son of..
EnricRumanianA form of the name Henry, which m..
EnricoItalianItalian cognate of Henry, which is ..
EnriqueSpanishPopular Spanish form of Henry, a co..
EnyetoNative Amer..Miwok or Moquelumnan in origin, thi..

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