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We have 456 Girl Baby Names beginning with the letter "E" - Showing from 1 to 35.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
EabhaIrishGaelic form of Eva (life). See EVA..
EadaoinIrishEvolution of Etain, a name borne in..
EalasaidScottishScottish Gaelic cognate of Elizabet..
EalgaIrishFrom ealga (noble), this name is ta..
EamhairScottishGaelic cognate of the Irish Emer, w..
EannaMythology a..From Assyro-Babylonian mythology, E..
EarleneAfrican-Ame..Feminine form of Earl. See Earl..
EarleneAmericanFeminine form of Earl. See Earl..
EarleneEnglishFeminine form of Earl, which orig..
EarleneIrishA name that means "pledge."
EarthaAfrican-Ame..Derived from earth, which denotes t..
EarthaMythology a..A name that can be bestowed upon th..
EarthaEnglishMeaning "earthy." Among notable peo..
EasterEnglishMeaning "Easter time."
EavanIrishPopular Anglicized form of the Gael..
EbbaEnglishContracted form of the Old English ..
EbbaGermanFeminine contracted form of the Old..
EbbaScandinavia..A borrowing from the German, Ebba i..
EbelinaGreekA form of Evelyn, meaning "pleasa..
EbonyAfrican-Ame..Derived from ebony, which denotes a..
EbonyEnglishTaken from ebony, which denotes a h..
EbunAfricanGift. Yoruba, Nigeria
EbunNigerianMeaning "a gift."
EcaterinaRumanianRumanian cognate of the Greek Aikat..
EchoGreekDerived from echo (an echo). The na..
EchoMythology a..Derived from the Greek echo (a repe..
EdaEnglishMeaning "prosperous, happy."
EdaIrishMeaning "rich." A short form of Ed..
EdanaIrishFeminine form of Aidan, an Angliciz..
EddaScandinavia..Attributed to the Prose Edda and th..
EddaGermanAn alternate form of Hedda, which m..
EdelineEnglishMeaning "noble" or "kind."
EdelineGermanThis name means "noble."
EdelmiraSpanishDerived from the Germanic Adelmar (..
EdenAmericanDerived from the Hebrew 'edhen (del..

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