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We have 528 Girl Baby Names beginning with the letter "K" - Showing from 281 to 315.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
KellyAmericanTransferred use of the Irish surnam..
KellyEnglishTransferred use of the Irish surnam..
KellyIrishTransferred use of the Anglicized s..
KellynIrishis a combination of Kelly and Ly..
KelseyAmericanDerived from the obsolete Old Engli..
KelseyEnglishDerived from the obsolete Old Engli..
Kelsey-Ro..AmericanPopular combination of the names K..
KendaEnglishMeaning "water baby."
KendallAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..
KendallEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
KendallWelshTransferred use of the surname deri..
KendraAfrican-Ame..Feminine form of the English K..
KendraAmericanFeminine form of the English Kendr..
KendraEnglishFeminine form of Kendrick, from the..
KeneisliaAmericanA blend of the prefix Ke and Neisha..
KenenzaEnglishA form of Kennice.
KennaAmericanFeminine form of Ken, which is a ..
KennaScottishFeminine form of Kenneth, which i..
KenniceEnglishMeaning "beautiful." A feminine for..
KenyaAfrican-Ame..Borrowed from the name of the East ..
KenyaHebrewMeaning "an animal is born." Kenya ..
KeohiHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian elements ..
KeolaHawaiianCompounding of the Hawaiian element..
Keolakupa..HawaiianCompound name meaning "wonderful li..
KeraniHinduSacred bells
KeremHebrewVineyard. The name Kerem is common ..
KerenHebrewA horn, an animal horn
Keren-Hap..BiblicalHorn of eye paint. The name is born..
Keren-Hap..HebrewHorn of eye paint, horn of antimony..
KerrieEnglishMeaning a king's name
KerryAmericanTransferred use of an Irish place-n..
KerryEnglishTransferred use of an Irish place-n..
KerryIrishTransferred use of the Irish place-..
KesavaHinduHaving fine hair

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