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We have 528 Girl Baby Names beginning with the letter "K" - Showing from 71 to 105.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
KallirroeMythology a..Compound name composed of the Greek..
KallistoGreekA name meaning "she that is most be..
KallistoMythology a..Derived from the Greek kallos (beau..
KalliyanSoutheast A..Best, superior. Cambodia
KalloleeHinduFull of joy, happiness, and delight..
KalolaHawaiianHawaiian form of Carol, a feminin..
KaloniceGreekCompound name composed from the Gre..
KalotaHawaiianHawaiian form of Carlotta, an Ita..
KaloteHawaiianHawaiian form of the French Charlo..
KalpanaHinduFantasy. Derived from the Sanskrit ..
KalthaEnglishMeaning "marigold."
KalthumMuslim/Arab..Derived from kalthum (one who has p..
KaluwaAfricanMeaning "forgotten one."
KalyaniHinduDerived from the Sanskrit kalyana (..
KalycaGreekDerived from the Greek kalyx (pod, ..
KamaHebrewRipened, mature
KamaIndianMeaning "desire." The name for the ..
KamalaHawaiianA compound name composed of the Haw..
KamalaHinduDerived from the Sanskrit kamala (p..
KamalaIndianMeaning "lotus."
KamalikaHinduDerived from the Sanskrit kamala (p..
KamamaNative Amer.."Butterfly." From the Cherokee.
KamariaAfricanLike the moon. Swahili, E. Africa
KamataNative Amer.."Gambler." Miwok or Moquelumnan in ..
KameJapaneseTortoise. The name denotes a long l..
KamekeAfricanMeaning "blind."
KamekoJapaneseTortoise child
KameliHawaiianCompounding of the elements ka (one..
KameliaHawaiianHawaiian form of the Spanish Carme..
KameronAmericanA form of Cameron
KameyoJapaneseTortoise generation
KamiAmericanA pet form of Kamilla, Kami is al..
KamiPolynesianTo love, to be enamored of

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