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We have 600 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "S" - Showing from 176 to 210.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
Seeyakoon..Native Amer..Red spy. Nez Perce
SeferinoSpanishDerived from the Latin zephyrus, wh..
SefuAfricanSword. Swahili, E. Africa
SegunNigerianMeaning "conqueror." Parents who wa..
SegundoSpanishMeaning "second."
SeifertGermanAn alternate form of Siegfried.
SeijiJapaneseMeaning "noble rule." Conductor Sei..
SejamusScottishGaelic form of James (seizing by th..
SekaniAfricanLaughter. Ngoni, Malawi
SekarHinduDerived from the Sanskrit sekhara (..
SekayiAfricanLaughter. Shona, Zimbabwe
SekouAfricanLearned. The name was borne by Seko..
SeldonEnglishLiterally means "willow tree valley..
SelemaeaPolynesianTongan form of Jeremiah (the Lord l..
SelwynEnglishMeaning "friend from the palace."
SematidaUgandanMeaning "cow clan."
SemiPolynesianTongan form of Shem (reputation). S..
SemisiPolynesianTongan form of James (seizing by th..
SempalaUgandanMeaning "born in prosperous times."..
SenChineseMeaning "forest."
SeniorFrenchMeaning "lord."
SennettFrenchMeaning "elderly."
SenweAfricanMeaning "dry as a stalk of grain."
SeocScottishGaelic form of Jock, which is a var..
SeoirseIrishGaelic form of George (earthworker,..
SeosamhIrishVariant form of loseph, a Gaelic fo..
SeppGermanSee Josef
SequoiaNative Amer..From the Cherokee sikwayi, the orig..
SequoyahNative Amer..Derived from the Cherokee tsikwaya ..
SerafimPortugueseFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin se..
SerafimRussianDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..
SerafinPolishDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..
SerafinSpanishFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin se..
SerafinoItalianFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Se..
SeraphimGreekFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin se..

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