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We have 470 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "C" - Showing from 386 to 420.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
ConroyIrishMeaning "wise man."
ConstantFrenchFrom the Late Latin Constans, a nam..
Constanti..FrenchFrom the Latin Constantinus, which ..
Constanti..ScottishDerived from the Late Latin Con-sta..
Constanti..GreekFrom the Latin Constantinus, which ..
ConwayAmericanTransferred use of the Irish surnam..
ConwayIrishTransferred use of the surname deri..
CooperAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..
Coowescoo..Native Amer..The egret. Cherokee
CorbettAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..
CorbinAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..
CordAmericanA short form of Cordelle (rope), Co..
CordellFrenchMeaning "rope maker."
CordelleAmericanDerived from the French cordelle (r..
CorderoSpanishSpanish for "baby bee," it is most ..
CoreyAmericanA borrowing from the Irish, Corey i..
CoreyIrishOf various derivations, Corey is th..
CorinFrenchFrom the Latin Quirinus, which is d..
CormacIrishMeaning "raven's son." Cormac was a..
CormagScottishScottish Gaelic form of the Irish C..
CorneilleFrenchFrom the Latin Cornelius, an old Ro..
CornelioSpanishDerived from the Latin Cornelius, a..
CornelisScandinavia..Dutch form of the Latin Cornelius, ..
CorneliusBiblicalBelieved to be derived from the Lat..
CornellAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..
CorradoItalianItalian form of Conrad, the English..
CorridonAmericanTransferred use of the Irish surnam..
CosmoEnglishFrom the Greek Kosmas, which ..
CosmoItalianItalian cognate of the Greek Kosmas..
CoujoeGhanaianMeaning "born on Monday," this name..
CowanIrishAnglicized form of Comhghan (twin)...
CraigAmericanTransferred use of the Scottish sur..
CraigEnglishTransferred use of the Scottish sur..
CraigScottishTransferred use of the Scottish sur..
CraigIrishMeaning "crag; steep rock." Chef Cr..

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