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We have 470 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "C" - Showing from 351 to 385.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
ColemanEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
ColinAmericanA borrowing from the English, Colin..
ColinEnglishPopular name originating as a medie..
ColinIrishA popular borrowing from the Englis..
ColinScottishA popular name, Colin is the Anglic..
CollarFrenchA form of Nicholas, meaning "vict..
ColleyEnglishMeaning "dark-haired."
CollierEnglishMeaning "cool miner."
ColmIrishIrish form of the Late Latin Columb..
ColmanIrishDiminutive form of Colm (dove): hen..
ColombainFrenchFrom the Late Latin Columba, which ..
ColtAmericanDerived from colt (a young male hor..
ColtEnglishSignifying "a young horse" or "fris..
ColterAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..
ColumbaIrishA borrowing from the Latin, derived..
ColumbanoItalianFrom the Late Latin Columbanus, a d..
ColwynWelshThe name of a river in Wales
ComhghallIrishDerived from the Old Irish Comgell ..
ComhghanIrishDerived from the Old Irish Comgan (..
ConaireIrishAncient name of uncertain derivatio..
ConallIrishOld name believed to be derived fro..
ConallScottishPopular name derived from the Celti..
ConanIrishOf debated derivation and meaning, ..
Conchobha..IrishOld compound name derived from conn..
CongChineseIntelligent, smart,
ConlanIrishMeaning "hero." Most often seen in ..
ConleyIrishAnglicized form of Connlaogh (chast..
ConnIrishDerived from the Old Irish Cond, wh..
ConneryIrishAnglicized form of Conaire, an anci..
ConnlaodhIrishCompound name composed of the Gaeli..
ConnorAmericanAnglicized form of the Irish Gaelic..
ConorIrishAnglicized form of Conchobhar, a na..
ConradEnglishEnglish cognate of the Germanic Kon..
ConradGermanMeaning "brave advisor." Among note..
ConradoSpanishSpanish cognate of the German Konra..

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