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Browse over 321 Welsh Girl Names and Welsh Boy Names

Welsh Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
MaddockWelshMeaning "generous." Notable people ..
MalltWelshWelsh form of Maud (powerful in bat..
MalvernWelshWhich means "bare hill."
MargaretWelshA borrowing from the English and th..
MargedWelshWelsh form of Margaret (a pearl). S..
MariWelshA Welsh form of Mary, Mair is an ev..
MarthaWelshDerived from the Aramaic Martha (la..
MaudWelshAnglicized Norman contraction of Ma..
MauriceWelshA borrowing from the English, Mauri..
MeganWelshPet form of Marged, which is a We..
MeicWelshShort form of Meical, the Welsh cog..
MeicalWelshWelsh cognate of Michael (who is li..
MeilyrWelshDerived from the obsolete Old Celti..
MeinwenWelshCompound name composed of the Welsh..
MeirionWelshWelsh form of the Latin Marianus, a..
MeirionaWelshFeminine form of Meirion, the Welsh..
MeirionwenWelshCompound name composed of the name ..
MeredithWelshModern form of the Old Welsh Maredu..
MereridWelshWelsh form of Margaret (a pearl). S..
MerfynWelshPopular name derived from the Old W..
MerionWelshA name signifying "from Merioneth, ..
MerlinWelshDerived from the Welsh Myrddin, whi..
MervynWelshAnglicized form of Merfyn (sea hill..
MeurigWelshA form of Maurice which means "mo..
MeurizWelshWelsh form of Maurice (dark, swarth..
MichaelWelshDerivative of the Hebrew mikha'el (..
MihangelWelshWelsh form of Michael (who is like ..
MorganWelshModern form of Morcant, an ancient ..
MorganWelshModern form of Morcant, an ancient ..
MorgwenWelshCompound name believed to be compos..
MorwennaWelshOld name of uncertain and debated d..
MostynWelshTransferred use of the Welsh place-..
MyfanwyWelshAn old name of debated meaning, som..
MyrddinWelshDerived from the Primitive Celtic e..
NerysWelshModern coinage believed to be deriv..

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