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Browse over 321 Welsh Girl Names and Welsh Boy Names

Welsh Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
BlodwenWelshDerived from blodeuyn (white flower..
BlodwynWelshThis name has the meaning "flower."
BowenWelshMeaning "son of Owen."
BranWelshPopular name derived from bran (rav..
BranwenWelshCompound name composed from the ele..
BriceWelshMeaning "alert" or "ambitious."
BronwynWelshMeaning "white breasted."
BryceWelshAn alternate form of Brice
BrychanWelshDerived from an old Welsh word mean..
BrynWelshPopular name derived from the Welsh..
BrynmorWelshCompound name composed of the Welsh..
CaddockWelshMeaning "eager for war."
CadellWelshDerived from the Old Welsh elements..
CadoganWelshAnglicized form of Cadwgawn (battle..
CadwaladrWelshCompound name composed of the Old W..
CadwallonWelshCompound name composed of the Welsh..
CadwgawnWelshCompound name composed of the Old W..
CaerwynWelshCompound name composed of the eleme..
CaiWelshA form of the Latin Gaius, meanin..
CainwenWelshOld name derived from the Welsh ele..
CalderWelshThis name means "book" or "stream."..
CaradocWelshAncient name derived from the eleme..
CareyWelshA borrowing from the Irish and the ..
CariWelshAlternate forms of Carolyn, meaning..
CaronWelshMeaning "loving," "kind-hearted," o..
CarysWelshDerived from the Welsh caru (love) ..
CathwgWelshWelsh form of Katherine, a cognate ..
CatrinWelshWelsh form of Katherine (pure, unsu..
CattwgWelshOld name derived from the Old Welsh..
CerdicWelshMeaning "beloved."
CeridwenWelshCompound name derived from the Wels..
CharlesWelshA popular name throughout Europe an..
CledwynWelshCompound name composed of the eleme..
ColwynWelshThe name of a river in Wales
CreirdyddlyddWelshCompound name composed of the Welsh..

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