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Browse over 321 Welsh Girl Names and Welsh Boy Names

Welsh Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
EllenWelshA borrowing from the English, Ellen..
ElunedWelshPopular elaboration of Luned (shape..
EmlynWelshCommon Welsh name of uncertain ..
EmrysWelshWelsh form of Ambrose, an Old Fre..
EmyrWelshDerived from emyr (ruler, king)
EnfysWelshDirectly derived from enfys (rainbo..
EnidWelshOf uncertain derivation, Enid is a ..
EoghanWelshA borrowing from the Scotch and Iri..
EoghaniaWelshFeminine form of Eoghan (youth, you..
ErminWelshDerived from the Latin Erminia (lor..
EsylltWelshPopular Welsh name meaning "bea..
EvanWelshAnglicized form of lefan, the Welsh..
FfraidWelshWelsh cognate of Bridget, the Angli..
FolantWelshWelsh form of Valentine, which is f..
GaenorWelshWelsh form of Gaynor, which is a me..
GarethWelshCeltic name of uncertain meaning. B..
GarnockWelshThis name means "dweller by the ald..
GarthWelshA borrowing from the English, Garth..
GaryWelshA pet form of Gareth, Gary is als..
GavinWelshA borrowing from the Scottish, Gavi..
GawainWelshA form of Gavin
GeoffreyWelshA borrowing from the English, Geoff..
GeorgeWelshA borrowing from the English, Georg..
GeraintWelshAncient yet still popular name of u..
GeralltWelshWelsh form of Gerald (spear ruler),..
GerwinWelshA name the means "fair love."
GethinWelshModern variant of the old nickname ..
GirioelWelshWelsh form of Cyril (lordly). See ..
GladusWelshWelsh cognate of the Latin Claudius..
GlendaWelshDerived from the Welsh gldn (clean,..
GlendowerWelshMeaning "water valley" Notable peop..
GlenysWelshDerived from the Welsh gldn (clean,..
GlynWelshModern name derived from glyn (vall..
GlyndwrWelshTransferred use of the surname orig..
GlynisWelshWhich has the meaning "glen." Notab..

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