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Browse over 321 Welsh Girl Names and Welsh Boy Names

Welsh Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
CreirwyWelshDerived from the Welsh creir (a tok..
CwrigWelshWelsh form of the Greek Kyriakos, a..
CynanWelshPopular name derived from the Old C..
CynddelwWelshAn old name of uncertain derivation..
CyndeyrnWelshWelsh form of the Scottish Kantiger..
CyrilWelshA borrowing from the English, Cyril..
CystenianWelshWelsh form of Constantine, a name d..
DafyddWelshWelsh form of David (beloved). See ..
DaiWelshDerived from the Celtic dei (to shi..
DanielWelshDerived from the Hebrew dani'el (Go..
DavidWelshDerived from the Hebrew david (belo..
DavisWelshA name that means "son of David."
DeiniolWelshWelsh form of Daniel (God is my jud..
DelwynWelshCompound name composed of the Welsh..
DelythWelshDerived from the Welsh element del ..
DerynWelshMeaning "bird."
DewiWelshWelsh form of David (beloved), that..
DianaWelshA borrowing from the English, Diana..
DilwenWelshCompound name composed of the eleme..
DilwynWelshCompound name composed of the Welsh..
DilysWelshDirectly derived from the Welsh dil..
DrystanWelshVariant form of Tristan (sad). See ..
DwynwenWelshCompound name composed from the Wel..
DylanWelshOf uncertain derivation, some belie..
DynawdWelshWelsh form of the Latin Donatus (gi..
EibhlinWelshA borrowing from the Irish, Eibhlin..
EiddwenWelshCompound name composed of the eleme..
EileenWelshEnglish variant of the French Aveli..
EinlonWelshDerived from the Welsh einion (anvi..
EiraWelshDerived directly from the Welsh eir..
EirwenWelshModern coinage formed by combining ..
ElenWelshDerived from elin (nymph). Alternat..
EleriWelshOf unknown etymology, the name Eler..
ElisaWelshShort form of Elizabeth (God is my ..
ElizabethWelshDerived from the Hebrew elisheba' (..

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