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Browse over 462 Scottish Girl Names and Scottish Boy Names

Scottish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
EvanScottishAnglicized form of the Gaelic Eogha..
EvanderScottishDerived from the Greek Euandros, a ..
EveScottishDerived from the Hebrew Chava (life..
EwanScottishAnglicized form of the Gaelic Eogha..
EwartScottishTransferred use of the surname deri..
FarquharScottishAnglicized form of the Gaelic Fearc..
FearcharScottishCompound name composed of the Gaeli..
FearghasScottishCompound name composed from the Gae..
FerdinandScottishFrom the Spanish Ferdinando, a name..
FergusScottishTypical Scottish name which is ..
FifeScottishTransferred use of the surname orig..
FilibScottishGaelic form of Philip (lover of hor..
FinellaScottishAnglicized form of the Gaelic Fionn..
FingallScottishAnglicized form of Fionnghall, a co..
FinlayScottishAnglicized form of Fionnlagh and Fi..
FionaScottishPopular name derived from the Gaeli..
FionnaghualaScottishScottish Gaelic form of the Irish G..
FionnlaghScottishCompound name composed of the Gaeli..
FloraScottishUsed in Scotland as an Anglicized f..
ForbesScottishTransferred use of the surname thou..
FrancesScottishA borrowing from the English, Franc..
FrancisScottishFrom France is, an Old French form ..
FrangScottishGaelic form of Francis (a Frenchman..
FrangagScottishScottish Gaelic cognate of Frances ..
FraserScottishTransferred use of the surname, whi..
FredaScottishA short form of Winifred (blessed p..
FreyaScottishBrought to Scotland by the Norsemen..
FultonScottishTransferred use of the surname orig..
GailScottishA borrowing from the English, Gail ..
GavinScottishOf uncertain etymology, some believ..
GeneScottishShort form of Eugene (well-born, no..
GeorgeScottishFrom the French Georges, the root o..
GeorginaScottishFeminine form of George, which is..
GibidhScottishGaelic form of Gibby, which is a pe..
GilbertScottishFrom the Old French Guillebert, a d..

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