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Browse over 462 Scottish Girl Names and Scottish Boy Names

Scottish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
LucyScottishA borrowing from the English, Lucy ..
LuthaisScottishGaelic form of Lewis (famous warrio..
MacScottishDerived from the Gaelic mac (son of..
MagaidhScottishGaelic form of Maggie, which is a p..
MaggieScottishA pet form of Margaret (a pearl), M..
MagnusScottishA borrowing from the Latin, Magnus ..
MaidieScottishOriginally a pet name for a young w..
MaireadScottishScottish Gaelic form of Margaret (a..
MairiScottishScottish Gaelic form of Mary. See ..
MalamhinScottishDerived from the Gaelic mala mhin (..
MalcolmScottishDerived from the Gaelic Maolcolm (s..
MalcolminaScottishFeminine form of Malcolm, the Angli..
MalvinaScottishCoinage by Scottish poet James Macp..
ManusScottishGaelic form of Magnus (great). See ..
MarcScottishA short form of Marcus, Marc is als..
MarcellaScottishCognate of the French Marcelle, a f..
MarcusScottishA borrowing from the Latin, Marcus ..
MarettaScottishAnglicized form of Mairead, a Scott..
MargaretScottishA borrowing from the English, Marga..
MargeryScottishVariant form of Margaret (a pearl),..
MarinaScottishOf debated origin and meaning, some..
MarionScottishA borrowing from the French, Marion..
MarsailiScottishScottish Gaelic form of Margery, wh..
MartainnScottishGaelic form of Martin (war-like). S..
MarthaScottishDerived from the Aramaic Martha (la..
MartinScottishFrom the Latin Martinus, a derivati..
MaryScottishAnglicized form of Maria, which is ..
MataScottishGaelic form of Matthew (gift of God..
MatthewScottishEvolution of the Middle English Mat..
MauraScottishA name of Celtic origin perhaps der..
MaureenScottishA borrowing from the Irish, Maureen..
MichaelScottishA borrowing from the Ecclesiastic L..
MicheilScottishGaelic form of Michael (who is like..
MinaScottishA short form of Calumina and Normin..
MorScottishDerived from the Gaelic mor (great,..

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