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Browse over 462 Scottish Girl Names and Scottish Boy Names

Scottish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AngusScottishPopular Anglicized form of Aonghus ..
AngusinaScottishFeminine form of Angus, the Anglici..
AnnaScottishA Latinate form of Anne (gracious, ..
AnnabelScottishA name of uncertain etymology which..
AnnagScottishScottish Gaelic form of Anna (graci..
AnneScottishA borrowing from the French, Anne i..
AnnellaScottishPopular elaboration of Anne (gracio..
AnnisScottishVernacular form of Agnes (pure, cha..
AnnotScottishScottish form of Anne (gracious, fu..
AodanScottishDiminutive form of the Gaelic Aodh ..
AodhScottishDerived from the name of the Celtic..
AodhaganScottishDiminutive form of Aodh (fire). lag..
AonghasScottishPopular name derived from the Gaeli..
ArabellaScottishOld name of uncertain etymology. So..
ArailtScottishScottish Gaelic form of Harold (lea..
ArchibaldScottishOf Germanic origin, Archibald is a ..
ArtScottishDerived from the Gaelic art (bear)...
ArtairScottishScottish Gaelic form of Arthur, a C..
ArthurScottishOf Celtic origin but of unknown mea..
AudreyScottishA borrowing from the English, Audre..
AugustusScottishA borrowing of the Latin Augustas, ..
AulayScottishAnglicized form of Amhlaidh, the Sc..
BairdScottishDerived from the Gaelic bard (a poe..
BarabalScottishScottish Gaelic form of Barbara (fo..
BarclayScottishTransferred use of the surname foun..
BeanScottishAnglicized form of the Gaelic Beath..
BearnardScottishScottish Gaelic form of Bernard (bo..
BearnasScottishScottish Gaelic form of Berenice (b..
BeathagScottishFeminine form of Beathan (life), ..
BeathanScottishDerived from the Scottish Gaelic be..
BeitidhScottishScottish Gaelic form of Betsy and B..
BeitirisScottishScottish Gaelic form of Beatrix (br..
BenedictScottishDerived from the Latin Benedictus (..
BenjaminScottishDerived from the Hebrew binyamin (s..
BenneitScottishScottish Gaelic form of Benedict (b..

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