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Browse over 462 Scottish Girl Names and Scottish Boy Names

Scottish Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
RaghnaidScottishDerived from the Old Norse Ragnhild..
RaghnallScottishGaelic name derived from the Scandi..
RaibeartScottishGaelic form of Robert (bright fame)..
RamseyScottishTransferred use of the surname orig..
RanulfScottishScottish form of Randolf (shield wo..
RaonaidScottishGaelic form of Rachel (ewe). See R..
RaonullScottishGaelic name derived from Rognvaldr,..
ReadScottishTransferred use of the surname orig..
RebeccaScottishFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin an..
ReidScottishTransferred use of the surname orig..
RhodaScottishFeminine form of Roderick (famous..
RichardScottishA borrowing from the Old French, Ri..
RobertScottishIntroduced to the British Isles by ..
RobinaScottishFeminine form of Robin, which ori..
RoddyScottishA pet form of Roderick (famous king..
RoderickScottishFrom the Middle Latin Rodericus, wh..
RonaScottishOf uncertain derivation, Rona can b..
RonaldScottishIntroduced to Scotland by Scandinav..
RonaldaScottishFeminine form of Ronald, a name i..
RoryScottishA borrowing from the Irish, Rory is..
RossScottishTransferred use of the surname deri..
RowenaScottishOf uncertain origin and meaning, Ro..
RoyScottishTransferred use of the surname orig..
RuaraidhScottishDerived from the Gaelic rua (red, r..
RuiseartScottishGaelic form of Richard (brave ruler..
SachairiScottishGaelic form of Zachary (God remembe..
SandaidhScottishGaelic form of Sandy, which is a pe..
SandyScottishA pet form of Alexandra (defender o..
SandyScottishA pet form of Alexandra (defender o..
SaundraScottishA Scottish short form of Alexandra ..
ScottScottishTransferred use of the surname deri..
SeaghanScottishFrom the Irish Gaelic Seaghan, a va..
SejamusScottishGaelic form of James (seizing by th..
SengaScottishScottish coinage formed either by s..
SeocScottishGaelic form of Jock, which is a var..

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