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We have 171 Girl Baby Names beginning with the letter "O" - Showing from 106 to 140.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
OneidaAmericanDerived from the Iroquois Oneiute (..
OneidaNative Amer..A tribal name that means "standing ..
OnellaHungarianMeaning "light."
OniAfricanDesired, wanted. Benin, Nigeria
OniNigerianMeaning "born in a sacred abode."
OniatarioNative Amer..Sparkling or beautiful water, fine ..
OniiAfricanBorn in a sacred place. Yoruba, Nig..
OnssiNative Amer..Meaning "eagle." From the Choctaw.
OonaIrishAn ancient Irish name meaning "..
OpaNative Amer..Owl. Choctaw
OpalEnglishTaken from opal (a semiprecious gem..
OpalMythology a..The name of the iridescent semiprec..
OpalIndianMeaning "precious stone."
OpheliaEnglishBelieved to have been coined by San..
OpheliaGreekDerived from the Greek ophelia (a h..
OphelieFrenchFrench cognate of Ophelia, a name b..
OphiraHebrewBorrowed from the name of a region ..
OphrahBiblicalHebrew name meaning "a fawn." I..
OphrahHebrewA fawn. The name is borne in the Bi..
OprahHebrewAn alternate form of Orpah. One of ..
OraleeHebrewThis means "the Lord is my light."
OraliaFrenchA form of the Latin Aurelia, mean..
OrendaNative Amer..Meaning "magical power." From the I..
OrianaEnglishOf uncertain derivation and meaning..
OrianaItalianOf uncertain derivation and meaning..
OrianeFrenchOf uncertain derivation and meaning..
OrielEnglishOf debated etymology, some believe ..
OrihlaithIrishOld name meaning "golden lady." Or-..
OrindaHebrewA name that has the meaning "pine t..
OrinoJapaneseMeaning "worker's field."
OrithyiaMythology a..Derived from the Greek Oreithyia, a..
OrlaIrishAnglicized form of Orfhlaith (golde..
OrlainAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..
OrlaithIrishAnglicized form of Orfhlaith (golde..

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