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We have 129 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "Y" - Showing from 71 to 105.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
Yisra'elHebrewMeaning "God has wrestled." An alte..
YisraelHebrewDerived from the Hebrew yisrael (co..
YitroHebrewHebrew name meaning "abundance,..
YitzchakHebrewPopular name derived from the Hebre..
YitzkhakHebrewMeaning "she has laughed" or "he wi..
YmirScandinavia..Ancient name of uncertain meaning. ..
YnyrWelshOf uncertain derivation, some think..
Yo'avHebrewMeaning "God is father."
Yo'elHebrewMeaning "God is God (God is eternal..
YochananHebrewShort form of Yehochanan (God is gr..
YoelHebrewDerived from the Hebrew yd'el (Jeho..
YogeshIndianMeaning "chief ascetic." Another na..
YohannGermanA form of Johann
YokhananHebrewMeaning "God has been gracious." Th..
YonChineseMeaning "forever brave."
YonaHebrewMeaning "dove." The name of a proph..
YonaNative Amer..Meaning "bear." From the Cherokee.
YonahHebrewDerived from the Hebrew yonah (dove..
YonasAfricanCognate of Jonah, which is derived ..
YonatanHebrewShort form of Yehonatan (given by J..
Yong-SunKoreanComposed of elements meaning "brave..
YoofiGhanaianMeaning "born on Friday."
YookuGhanaianMeaning "born on Wednesday."
YoomtisNative Amer..Kunnin Grizzly bear blanket. Nez Pe..
YoramHebrewMeaning "God is exalted."
YorathWelshAnglicized form of lorwerth (handso..
YorickEnglishDerived from Jorck, an old Danish f..
YorkEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..
YorkooGhanaianMeaning "born on Thursday."
YosefHebrewPopular name derived from the Hebre..
YoukiomaNative Amer..Almost perfect. Hopi

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