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We have 475 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "T" - Showing from 386 to 420.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
TrondScandinavia..From Trondelag. It was originally u..
TrotEnglishMeaning "trickling stream."
TroutAmericanModern name derived from trout (a t..
TroyEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..
TroyIrishMeaning "foot soldier." The name wa..
TrumanEnglishMeaning "honest." Fictional charact..
TrumbleEnglishMeaning "strong" or "bold."
TrustinEnglishMeaning "trustworthy."
TrygveNorwegianThis name signifies "brave victor."..
TsaiChineseMeaning "money" or "rich."
TsalaniAfricanGoodbye, farewell. Ngoni, Malawi
TsatokeNative Amer..Kiowa name derived from tsa-tokee (..
TseGhanaianMeaning "the younger of twins."
TselaNative Amer..Stars lying down. Navajo
Tsen-T'ai..Native Amer..White horse. Kiowa
TsfyiNative Amer..Canoe. Cherokee
TsiyiNative Amer..From the Cherokee, meaning "copper...
Tsiyu-Gun..Native Amer..Dragging canoe. Cherokee. The name ..
TsiyvNative Amer..From the Cherokee meaning "canoe."
TskiriNative Amer..Meaning "wolf." From the Pawnee
TsoaiNative Amer..Rock tree. Kiowa. The name Tsoai is..
TsongChineseMeaning "intelligent."
TsotohahNative Amer..Red bluff. Kiowa
TsubasaJapaneseMeaning "wings."
TuSoutheast A..Four. Vietnam,
TuChineseA name that means "earth."
Tu'ongSoutheast A..All, every. Vietnam
TuakoAfricanMeaning "the eleventh-born."
TuanSoutheast A..Without complications, uneventful. ..
TuariNative Amer..Meaning "young eagle." This name is..
TuathalIrishAncient name derived from the Celti..
TudorWelshAnglicized form of Tudur (ruler of ..
TudurWelshDerived from the Old Celtic Teutori..
TullioItalianMeaning "vivacious." Name of one of..
TullyAmericanA borrowing from the Irish, Tully i..

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