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We have 350 Boy Baby Names beginning with the letter "L" - Showing from 36 to 70.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
LambertFrenchOf Germanic origin, Lambert is deri..
LambertScandinavia..Germanic name in common use in the ..
LambertGermanMeaning "bright land."
LamondAfrican-Ame..Transferred use of the English surn..
LamondFrenchMeaning "world."
LamonteAfrican-Ame..Derived from the Spanish monte (mou..
LanceAmericanOld French form of the Old High Ger..
LanceEnglishA borrowing from the Old French, La..
LanceFrenchFrom the Old High German Lanzo, whi..
LanceGermanMeaning "spear." One of today's pop..
LancelotMythology a..French diminutive form of Lance, wh..
LancelotFrenchMeaning "attendant." The legendary ..
LandAmericanModern name derived from land (land..
LandryFrenchMeaning "ruler."
LaneAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..
LaneEnglishMeaning "narrow road."
LangileaPolynesianThunder, the voice of the sky
LangiloaPolynesianA dark, stormy sky
LangstonEnglishMeaning "long, narrow town." Poet L..
Langundow..Native Amer..Meaning "peaceful." From the Delawa..
LaniHawaiianDerived from the popular Hawaiian w..
LannyAmericanA familiar form of Lawrence or L..
LantyIrishAnglicized form of Leachlainn (serv..
LaoghaireIrishDerived from the Gaelic laoghaire (..
LaoiseachIrishDerived from Laoighis (belonging to..
LapSoutheast A..Independent, self-reliant. Vietnam,
Lapa'elaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Raphael, a c..
LaphonsoAfrican-Ame..Modern variation of Alphonso (noble..
LaramieFrenchSignifying "tears of love."
LarkinIrishMeaning "rough; fierce."
LaronFrenchSignifying "thief."
LarrimoreFrenchSignifying "armorer."
LarryScottishA pet form of Laurence (man from La..
LarsScandinavia..Very popular Scandinavian cognate o..
LarsNorwegianA form of Lawrence, which means "..

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