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We have 1487 Baby Names beginning with the letter "M" - Showing from 1366 to 1400.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
MosesGreekEcclesiastic Greek name, which ..
MosesePolynesianTongan form of Moses (drawn out of ..
MosheHebrewDerived from the Hebrew mosheh (dra..
MosiAfricanFirst-born. Swahili, E. Africa
MosiAfricanFirst-born. Swahili, E. Africa
MossIrishA short form of Maurice or Morri..
MostynWelshTransferred use of the Welsh place-..
MoswenAfricanMeaning "light in color."
MotegaNative Amer..Meaning "new arrow." Source unknown..
MotoJapaneseDerived from the Japanese moto (ori..
MotokoJapaneseChild of the source
MotsquehNative Amer..Chipmunk. Nez Perce
MousaMuslim/Arab..Arabic form of Moses, which is deri..
MoweaquaNative Amer..Wolf woman. Potawatomi
MozeLithuanianSee also Moses under Hebrew N..
MozesHungarianHungarian form of the Ecclesiastic ..
MpendaKenyanFor romantic parents here is a name..
MposiTanzanianA child with this name has wonderfu..
MpozaUgandanA name that means "tax collector."
MsrahGhanaianMeaning "the sixth-born."
MstislavRussianRussian cognate of the Polish Miecz..
MtimaAfricanHeart. Ngoni, Malawi
MuChineseA name that means "wood."
Mu'tasimMuslim/Arab..Derived from mu'tasim (seeking refu..
Mu'tazzMuslim/Arab..From mu'tazz (powerful), which is f..
MuaPolynesianFirst, chief
MuadhnaitIrishDiminutive form of muadh (noble): h..
Muamohole..PolynesianThe handsome chief
MuataNative Amer.."Yellow jackets in their nest." Miw..
MubarakMuslim/Arab..Derived from mubarak (blessed, fort..
MudadaAfricanThe provider. Shona, Zimbabwe
MudiwaAfricanBeloved, dearest. Shona, Zimbabwe
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