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We have 1487 Baby Names beginning with the letter "M" - Showing from 526 to 560.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
Marie-Zep..FrenchCombination name composed of the na..
MarielAmericanA borrowing from the French, Mariel..
MarielGermanDerived from the French Mariella, w..
MariellaEnglishLatin diminutive form of Maria, i..
MariellaItalianDiminutive form of Maria, the Itali..
MarielleFrenchDiminutive form of Marie which is..
MariettaItalianDiminutive form of Maria. See MARI..
MarigoGreekA form of Maria
MarigoldEnglishMeaning the golden yellow flower, w..
MarijaLithuanianMeaning "bitter."
MarikaSlovakPet form of Maria, Marika is al..
MarikoJapaneseBall child,
MarilaGermanA form of the Hebrew name Mary..
MarileeEnglishModern compound name composed of th..
MarileeAmericanA blend of Mary and Lee
MarilynAmericanModern compound name composed of th..
MarilynEnglishModern compound name composed of th..
MarilynHebrewMeaning "Mary's descendents." Among..
MarinFrenchMeaning "sailor."
MarinaEnglishOf debated origin and meaning, some..
MarinaGreekDerived from the Latin marinus (of ..
MarinaItalianDerived from the Latin marinus (of ..
MarinaMythology a..Derived from marina (a small harbor..
MarinaRussianOf debated origin and meaning, some..
MarinaScottishOf debated origin and meaning, some..
MarinaSpanishFeminine form of Marino, a name d..
MarinaPortugueseMeaning "of the sea."
MariniAfricanMeans "healthy" or "pretty."
MarinoItalianDerived from the Latin marinus (of ..
MarinosGreekDerived from the Latin marinus (of ..
MarioItalianPopular name derived from the Latin..
MarioPortugueseDerived from the Latin Marius, an..
MarionEnglishFrench diminutive form of Marie, ..
MarionFrenchOld French diminutive form of Mari..
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